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For ages I have been reading about this Sardinian restaurant that opened up a couple of years ago on the Fulham road and how absolutely amazing it is. It is always raved about in the local magazines but as I am such a Gola devotee I never went. However over Easter, Gola closed for a few days so Pascal and I decided to give Sapori Sardi a go.

It is tucked away at the very end of the Fulham road and very unassuming. The husband and wife run restaurant is small and simple but very welcoming and we were greeted like old friends. Obviously I had checked out the menu online several times but was unsure what to order as it all sounded very appealing.

Like always we had a couple of drinks to start and then ordered a lovely bottle of red.

We decided to share starters and so I ordered the burrata which was served with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, red onions and dusted with bottariga (grated air dried fish eggs/roe). I was a bit dubious about the bottariga as was Pascal as he baulks at any mention of fish but we needn't have worried as it was an incredible starter. The burrata was super creamy and soft and went beautifully with the salad.

Pascal ordered the anti pasti board which was a mixed selection of Sardinian meats and wow, it really was a good selection - saucisson, ham, bresaola, salami - all so similar but then all tasting so different. We really enjoyed it.

For mains, I was torn between risotto and pasta but pasta won in the end and I chose taglierini with porcini mushrooms wrapped in speck drizzled with white truffle oil and shavings of black truffle. This was really heavenly, perfectly cooked pasta, chunky mushrooms, delicious ham all flavoured by my favourite truffles.

Pascal ordered one of their nightly specials which was beef ragu with pappardelle and once again this was absolutely delicious. However he would have liked another one as the portion wasn't the biggest!

I was very happy that the restaurant passed my Parmesan test and left me a bowl on the table! 

We decided against puddings and instead rounded the meal off with a grappa and frangelico.

I have to say I was really really impressed by Sapori Sardi - it is a real success. Everything about this place was brilliant, the food, the drinks, the service and the atmosphere. I will be back here very soon, however my only problem is, I enjoyed my meal so much it is going to be tough to try anything else as they have set the standard so high! 

786 Fulham Road
Tel: 020 7731 0755

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