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The other day Pascal and I decided to do something "cultural" rather than our usual, eating drinking and watching box sets….! Pascal is not a museum fan however I love them and one I have never visited is the Museum of London so we headed there. It was really good however it focused a lot on the time BC and had an impressive flint collection - however I was more interested in the Plague, the Great Fire of London, Victorian times etc where there wasn't actually as much to look at. Pascal was bored after 5 minutes which did make me chuckle as he has to go back there next week when his kids come over from France!!

After two hours it was time to eat - Pascal was thinking of a proper Italian restaurant like his local in the city Taberna Etrusca but I had other plans….Hummus Bros! I am a huge hummus fan (thankfully so is Pascal) and I have been wanting to go here since it opened in 2003. Well good things come to those who wait.

Hummus Bros serves a bowl of hummus, various toppings such as beef stew, sides of salads or vegetables, pitas, wraps, puddings and juices. They focus on taste, value for money, freshness and simplicity. Here is the menu - I had obviously read it several times online so knew what to order while Pascal went to find a seat. It is a pretty small restaurant but lots of people come in for take aways or eat quickly so there is a big turnover.

They suggest you order a bowl of hummus with a topping(s) and a side salad. The bowls come in small or regular which actually just means you have one pita or two.

I ordered the small hummus with a topping of falafel and mushrooms and then a side of a Greek salad.

I wish they would open one of these in Fulham as it was all delicious and totally lived up to my expectations. The hummus bowl was filled with hummus (duh), a big falafel, tzatziki, tahini and mushrooms which are simmered with herbs and caramelised onions. The hummus itself is wonderful and it works so well with the other ingredients.

The Greek salad was one of the best I have had, lots of feta, big chunks on red onion, pepper, cucumber and cherry tomatoes topped with a generous sprinkling of oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

I mixed the two bowls and scooped it all up in my pita - yum!!

Pascal was unsure what to order and so he went for their most popular dish which is hummus with chicken sautéed in a light tomato based sauce, some sour cream and guacamole with two pitas.

This was absolutely amazing as well - everything does indeed taste so fresh. He didn't have a side and instead went for a falafel wrap which was packed with falafel, hummus and salad and served with tortilla chips (his favourite) which was also great, really chunky.

With two drinks it came to a total of £20 which I have to say is a real bargain as it was very filling as well.

Other than my brother, everyone I know is obsessed with hummus - it's so good for you in that it can help lower cholesterol, it is high in protein so can help with weight management, it may help even lower cancer risk apparently. I once read somewhere that one British supermarket does it in 20 different flavours!!

Such a great concept and obviously very popular….I will definitely be going back for more and lucky Pascal gets to go again next week after his second trip to the Museum of London!!!

There are currently 4 Hummus Bros around London in St Paul's, Holborn, Exmouth Market and Soho.

Hummus Bros

128 Cheapside,
Tel: 020 7726 8011

(closed weekends)

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