Sunday, 3 November 2013


I was very lucky as after university my best girlfriends from school all moved to South West London and we always met every couple of weeks for a lovely meal, a good old natter and too much wine. However fast forward ten years & one is in New York, one in Singapore & another in LA so now there are only two of us left! 

Thankfully Ceri & I live about 5 minutes from each other so last Thursday night we decided to get together for supper and a gossip somewhere local (far too lazy to schlep across London). 

We chose Sukho Thai which is a fantastic very authentic Thai restaurant in Fulham. It also has two sister restaurants, one in Wimbledon and the other in Chelsea.
It is decorated in "Thai style" with lots of dark wood and antique-looking artefacts, silk panels and leather banquettes. The waiters/waitresses are traditionally dressed and the service is literally perfect, very attentive.

I am normally a bit fussy about Thai as I don't like spice or a curry much to be honest, but then again the few times I have been to this restaurant I have had a fabulous meal. I am not very adventurous with my ordering as my knowledge of Thai food is pretty limited. I did go to Thailand travelling many years ago and all I ate was a combination of diet pills and spring rolls so did not really embrace the culture!

Unfortunately there is not a menu online but there are many different starters, mains of meat, fish and curries and then plenty of sides of rice, vegetables and noodles. Some dishes are spicy, others are much more mild and some are very exotic such as the pla tod sam rod (whole, de-boned sea bass with a chilli, tamarind & lemongrass sauce) or plah tuna (a salad of thinly sliced tuna in lemongrass & fresh mint vinaigrette), although I stuck to what I knew!

Ceri and I devoured two dishes of prawn crackers and then we decided to share 3 starters as they are not very big. We had grilled squid, dim sum and rolls of vegetable, crab and prawn. It was all delicious - I had thought the rolls were going to be in Vietnamese rice paper but they were spring rolls - not that it mattered as the ones we had were yum, especially the prawn ones. 

The squid came with a dip - unfortunately I cannot remember the exact ingredients - but it was fruity with some chillies. Ceri liked it, I preferred soya sauce. The dim sum were excellent and were stuffed with a combination of chicken, prawn, pork and vegetables. The presentation of the food is excellent, the staff obviously put a lot in effort into it.

For mains Ceri & I both had Pad Thai - incredibly run of the mill but it is so delicious I didn't want to try anything new - it is cooked to perfection and filled with prawns, vegetables, chicken and tofu. Everything is so fresh and full of flavour. My only complaint is I could have eaten more!!!

We didn't have puddings or even look at the menu again as we were more keen to waste the calories on a couple of cocktails at Locale.

If you like Thai, I would really make the effort to come to this place, I read a few online reviews and some people go as far to say it is one of the best Thai restaurants in London and the prices are not astronomical which makes a nice change from some Asian restaurants. You will need to book though as this place is very popular every night of the week! There is always the take away option but that is collection only.


Sukho Thai

855 Fulham Road,
Tel: 020 7371 7600

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