Thursday, 1 August 2013


I am a wannabe American and always have been  - I think it stems from my obsession with American TV like Saved by the Bell, Baywatch, Beverley Hills 90210 and so on (I could go on forever)! Whenever something American comes to England – whether it is a clothes shop or a new fad or restaurant – I am always keen to go.

I have been waiting for the opening of Shake Shack for months and finally managed to drag my fiancé and daughter there today. Being French my fiancé is not into self-service and prefers restaurants with table clothes etc, so he wasn’t too pleased when we turned up at Shake Shack at 11.40am and already a lot of the tables were taken.

Despite the fact it was before 12pm, we decided to go ahead and order. I had been dreaming about this for months so knew exactly what I wanted!

I had the shackmeister sausage, Pascal had the double smokeshack and Arabella had the single cheeseburger plus we had two portions of cheesy fries.

We were all impressed!! My hot dog was a Cumberland sausage topped with crispy onions and cheese – it looked pretty small however it was actually perfect size and really hit the spot.

The burgers were incredible – such soft, squishy buns, cooked a little pink, meaty but not too meaty if you know what I mean, lovely American gooey cheese.  Arabella’s was so simple – no lettuce, tomato or sauce and it certainly didn’t need it, it was so flavoursome – I have never seen her polish off food so quickly (unless it is Haribo). Pascal’s had the double patty as well as bacon and chopped cherry pepper. This complimented the burger perfectly, and despite being “stacked” you could still fit the burger easily in your mouth without wearing most of it round your face!

Finally the cheesy fries – these were crispy, crinkle cut chips covered with Shake Shack’s blended cheddar cheese sauce. As I mention repeatedly I love cheese & this cheese I could live off! The fries were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with just enough salt and cheese sauce – delicious!!

I wanted to try one of their famous concretes or frozen custards but I thought I would save that for another day as I will definitely be back!

Covent Garden
24 Market Building
The Piazza
London WC2E 8RD
Tel: 0203 5981360

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