Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Wellies is another Portals institution and if you are in the area, make sure you go. The menu isn't particularly spanish however there is plenty to choose from and a great wine list.

After our mess up with the reservation at Flanigan's, we confirmed our table before we arrived at Wellies - thankfully there were no problems this time and we were shown to a gorgeous table right on the side over looking the port. Thankfully we had a breeze as well as it was boiling despite being 9pm at night. There were several big groups of tables dining in the restaurant however it was not too noisy and our table felt pretty intimate.

As always we wanted to order every starter on the menu - the duck spring rolls, the deep fried brie, a huge variety of salads, pate, nachos and of course our favourite ham and tomato bread. There was heaps to choose from for mains as well and the restaurant is famous for it's Wellies Burger. We enjoyed a lovely g&t on the terrace while contemplating the menu and ended up ordering the nachos, deep fried brie, tomato bread and ham and then Pascal had a shoulder of lamb and I had halibut with tapenade and roasted vegetables and we both had a side of the local dish tumbet which is layered peppers, potatoes and aubergines in a fresh tomato sauce.

There are several complaints on trip advisor about the service - it definitely wasn't the quickest meal but it was not horrendously slow and the waiters were extremely polite and helpful.

The nachos were the best nachos we have ever had!

I was originally a bit worried about the tomato sauce as the menu said it was spicy but it wasn't at all. I think they used mozzarella on the nachos which was the magic ingredient - there was also a LOT of cheese which is always the way to my heart.

The ham and tomato bread was good although they were quite stingy with the tomato as you can see! It tasted good but there wasn't enough. Next time I would definitely have the spring rolls as I saw another table eating them and they looked incredible.

The deep fried brie was amazing - cooked to perfection, lots & lots of gooey cheese and then a red current dip on the side. 

We were both pretty full by the end of the starters and if I went again I would be tempted to just order a selection of starters to share - or just the nachos for starter and main course!!

That is not to say the main courses were not very good.

Pascal's shoulder of lamb was delicious - the lamb was so tender and literally fell off the bone. It was a massive portion but so good that Pascal managed to eat the whole thing & then promptly felt sick!

It came with a portion of tumbet which was yum - I wish more restaurants served this dish! I ordered a portion as well and we sadly couldn't finish it despite trying very hard!

My fish was excellent, it worked so well with the olive tapenade and vegetables however nothing matched the divineness of the nachos!

All in all, the restaurant was very good and I would definitely go back. We sat on the upstairs terrace however there is a more informal area downstairs which looked fabulous to have a drink and watch the world go by. By the way - did I mention how good the nachos were?!!

Puerto Portals,
Portals Nous,

Tel: 971 676444


  1. Great blog.Thanks for sharing this blog with us.I really feeling hungry by seeing your posted images.

    1. Thanks Nobert, I am really pleased you like it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx